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Schroeder Hydraulic Filter Element: Model KZ10 — Synthetic Cartridge

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The special class of micro-glass and other fibers used in Z-Media® are manufactured with utmost precision, to specific thicknesses and densities, and bonded with select resins to create material with extra fine passages. No other filter media can provide the benefits of Schroeder’s Excellement® Z-Media®: maximum dirt-holding capacity, superior particle capture, excellent beta stability, minimum pressure drop, high flow rate and low operating cost.
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Outside Diameter:
Inside Diameter:
Filter Media:
1.833 lbs.


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Schroeder’s complete line of quality filtration elements—including Schroeder’s original element designs, BestFitTM replacement elements, CoreCentric® coreless repair elements and DirtCatcherTM—are manufactured with the highest quality media. The better efficiencies, excellent stability, lower pressure drops, and higher dirt holding capacities provided by Schroeder elements mean cleaner oil, longer element life, and less downtime. They outlast, outperform, and excel in every measurable benchmark. Schroeder’s series of filter elements have been designed, tested, and proven to be the best performing elements available on the market today. Compatible with: BALDWIN PT707HD10, BALDWIN PT8363, BALDWIN PT8464, BEHRINGER BEK/9-12A, CAN-FLO 9326843, CIM-TEK 30131, COMMERCIAL C926476, DONALDSON P163903, DONALDSON P566272, DONALDSON DT-HF4-9-14UM, EPE 1.HF4-1H10SL-A00-0-P, FAIREY ARLON RF4-H-0912A, FAIREY ARLON RK-H-0910A, FAIREY ARLON RK-H-0910-A, FILTRATION PRODUCTS FPE25-10G, FILTREC WG-201, FLEETGUARD HF6343, FPC FPE2510N, FRAM FD650G10A, HASTINGS P756, HASTINGS P757, HEIL 075-0759-001, HYCON 5.03.09D10BN, HYCON HK010BN, HYDAC 2060530, HYDAC HK010BN3, HYDAC HK010BN4HC, HY-PRO HPKL9-12MB, INGERSOLL RAND 50422195, MP FILTRI HP-K-L9-12M, MP FILTRI MP8302, NATIONAL FILTER NFI-10SK, NORCO HF4110B, NORCO HF4110N, NORMAN HYU-950, NORMAN PLU-382-1000, NORMAN PLU-950, NORMAN PTU-950, NORMAN SCU-950, PALL HC9700FDS9H, PALL HC9700FKS9H, PALL HC9700FMS9H, PALL HC9700FUS9H, PALL HC9700FXS9H, PALL HC9720FKS9H, PALL HC9720FMS9H, PALL HC9735FKS9H, PALL HC9700FCS9H, PARKER 934287, PARKER 934287Q, PARKER HF41L10NQ, PARKER HF4L10NQ, PARKER HF4L15VQ, PARKER RF4-H-0912A, PARKER RK-H-0910A, POROUS MEDIA/FILTERSOFT H9709MDBL, PTI HF4-050-KF-B, PTI HF4-070-KF-B, PTI HF4-070-KF-V, PUROLATOR 9327267, PUROLATOR 9327268, PUROLATOR 6100EAL101N1, PUROLATOR 6100EAL122N1, PUROLATOR 9700EAL122N1, SAE AUTO ID HF4L10N, SEPARATION TECHNOLOGIES 2970L12B09, SEPARATION TECHNOLOGIES 3970GGHB09, SEPARATION TECHNOLOGIES 3KS3GGEB09, SEPARATION TECHNOLOGIES 818B-GC10-CB, VICKERS 737822, VICKERS 737825, VICKERS V4051B3C10, VICKERS V4051B3V10, WIX 51470, WOODGATE WGH6110, ZINGA ZSRE40910